Monday, April 14, 2008

Courtney's Back!

So I have had alot of fun with my sister Courtney back! She gets along with my roomates really well they all love her! So we do alot of fun things and we are all trying to find her a boyfriend! I think that I am in the works of something that coud be really good! hahahaha! Maybe if we get lucky we can hear about that on her blog here in the near future! hahaha! She is most likely moving in with me in the summer into the raintree! Even though she swore that she would not move into a 6 girl apartment again! hahaha! But I guess that she loves me that much! What can I say! Who doesnt really? JOKE! But here are a few pics of other things that we have done!


Laura said...

That is so fun for you have Courtney around again! Sisters are the best.

Courtney said...

Oh sisters are the best! especially these ones cute they are so flippin cute! haha thanks sis I am glad that you have been around to help me make friends again and find me boyfriends cuz apparently i cant do it myself haha!