Sunday, November 30, 2008

Try this Agin!!...

I am going to try this blogging thing again becuase I keep getting asked why I dont and cant!!! Haha!! So yeah!! It has been a while!! I have been super busy with school I am now going to school from 8:30 in the mornng to 9 at night!! It is the worst!! But I only have two weeks left!! :) YAY!!! hahaha!! Then I start esthetics on December 29th!! That should be really fun!!! So yeah that is mostly what I do is go to school but here are a few other things that I have been doing lately:
This was at Camdens play Sussical the Musical!!

This was Halloween Courtney was Derron Williams (of course), Rachel was a witch, and I was a Dinosoar!! hahaha!! :)

This is Me and Court in the David Archuleta corn maze!

Me, Court, Rachel, Aunt Pam, Johnny, and Matt all went to HSM3!!! It was a goodie!! We are all in this together!! :)

I went to Twighlight opening night with Caitlin (my old roomate, friend from school), and her BF Ty he even wore a shirt!! I loved the movie!! I didnt read the books but the movie was amazing!! I went and saw it on Friday with Courtney and I wanted to go watch it with the Hoyts on Saturday but I had to go to school!!! :( I also saw it again with my family on Wendsday!! Its one of my new favs!! :)

Me and Syd and Me and Court at the Jazz games!! GO JAZZ GO!!!!

Me and Court on thanksgiving!! HAPPY THANKSGIVIVING!!