Sunday, November 30, 2008

Try this Agin!!...

I am going to try this blogging thing again becuase I keep getting asked why I dont and cant!!! Haha!! So yeah!! It has been a while!! I have been super busy with school I am now going to school from 8:30 in the mornng to 9 at night!! It is the worst!! But I only have two weeks left!! :) YAY!!! hahaha!! Then I start esthetics on December 29th!! That should be really fun!!! So yeah that is mostly what I do is go to school but here are a few other things that I have been doing lately:
This was at Camdens play Sussical the Musical!!

This was Halloween Courtney was Derron Williams (of course), Rachel was a witch, and I was a Dinosoar!! hahaha!! :)

This is Me and Court in the David Archuleta corn maze!

Me, Court, Rachel, Aunt Pam, Johnny, and Matt all went to HSM3!!! It was a goodie!! We are all in this together!! :)

I went to Twighlight opening night with Caitlin (my old roomate, friend from school), and her BF Ty he even wore a shirt!! I loved the movie!! I didnt read the books but the movie was amazing!! I went and saw it on Friday with Courtney and I wanted to go watch it with the Hoyts on Saturday but I had to go to school!!! :( I also saw it again with my family on Wendsday!! Its one of my new favs!! :)

Me and Syd and Me and Court at the Jazz games!! GO JAZZ GO!!!!

Me and Court on thanksgiving!! HAPPY THANKSGIVIVING!!


Owen and April said...

Brandy Brandy!! So glad you are trying the blogging again! Love to know what you've been up to. I loved Twilight too, Owen and I went and saw it twice. TTYL

Kori said...

Brandy, glad to see you blogging again. I've been bad lately too. Keep up the good work with school one day you will be out and will really miss it. I hope to see you soon.

The Bonham Family said...

hey I was happy to see you blogging. So, I hope Jill Aaron and I didn't freak you out too much with all that information that night. Good luck with School.

Mitzi said...

So the question is...are you going to read the books now?