Sunday, November 30, 2008

Try this Agin!!...

I am going to try this blogging thing again becuase I keep getting asked why I dont and cant!!! Haha!! So yeah!! It has been a while!! I have been super busy with school I am now going to school from 8:30 in the mornng to 9 at night!! It is the worst!! But I only have two weeks left!! :) YAY!!! hahaha!! Then I start esthetics on December 29th!! That should be really fun!!! So yeah that is mostly what I do is go to school but here are a few other things that I have been doing lately:
This was at Camdens play Sussical the Musical!!

This was Halloween Courtney was Derron Williams (of course), Rachel was a witch, and I was a Dinosoar!! hahaha!! :)

This is Me and Court in the David Archuleta corn maze!

Me, Court, Rachel, Aunt Pam, Johnny, and Matt all went to HSM3!!! It was a goodie!! We are all in this together!! :)

I went to Twighlight opening night with Caitlin (my old roomate, friend from school), and her BF Ty he even wore a shirt!! I loved the movie!! I didnt read the books but the movie was amazing!! I went and saw it on Friday with Courtney and I wanted to go watch it with the Hoyts on Saturday but I had to go to school!!! :( I also saw it again with my family on Wendsday!! Its one of my new favs!! :)

Me and Syd and Me and Court at the Jazz games!! GO JAZZ GO!!!!

Me and Court on thanksgiving!! HAPPY THANKSGIVIVING!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

So I have been told that I need to update my blog! So here I am! I have just been really busy at school trying to catch up! I am hopeing to be done in the 3rd week of October and then I will start esthetics on October 20th! YAHOO! Then I will be all the way done with esthetics at the end of Feb.! And I will move back down to southern utah! So lately I just go to school and use my free gym pass and hang out with Courtney! I am glad that I have her here to keep me sain!! So I would tell you about all of the things that we do but Courtney is like super blogger and she blogs about it all!! So Yeah! That about it! I will update again soon!

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Prank Time!

Well the School Year for BYU and UVSC Students is ending and our contracts at the raintree are about over so there are alot of people that are moving out! So now everyone is going around pulling pranks! We got a stink bomb thrown into our apartment a couple of days ago! So today we went and took some of their belongings and well you can see for yourself this cute arangment is now in our apartment! hahaha! But I have a feeling that this is not going to be the end of this war!! We still have 2 weeks!

Prom Night! AAAAHHHH!

So a group of friends and I went to the movie Prom Night on Saturday and we all dressed up like ghetto prom! It was pretty funny everyone kept looking at us like we were crazy! But it was really fun! Everyone that came with our group dressed up and so it turned out really good!! I hate scarey movies and really now my job just got 50 times worse because I watched that movie! We also played tag in smiths grocery store for a little bit after! and of course I was it most of the time! But it was still fun!

Courtney's Back!

So I have had alot of fun with my sister Courtney back! She gets along with my roomates really well they all love her! So we do alot of fun things and we are all trying to find her a boyfriend! I think that I am in the works of something that coud be really good! hahahaha! Maybe if we get lucky we can hear about that on her blog here in the near future! hahaha! She is most likely moving in with me in the summer into the raintree! Even though she swore that she would not move into a 6 girl apartment again! hahaha! But I guess that she loves me that much! What can I say! Who doesnt really? JOKE! But here are a few pics of other things that we have done!

Rock The Block!

One of the apartments that we have made pretty good friends with here at the raintree are the ones that started Rock the Block! It is a Fundraiser raising money for the wheelchair foudation! It is all donations and they take the wheelchairs to Peru I believe! It was really cool!!! I think that it was a pretty good turn out! I wish that I could do something cool like that and make a difference! Maybe someday! So Courtney, my roomates and I all went and it was really fun! Take a Look!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So this week I got the opportunity to go to the Americas Beauty Show and The World Hair Show put together. And this event only happen every 6 years! It was in Chicago so I was there for five days and the show was three days. It was really fun being in Chicago. It was so cold and windy there! Let me tell you it is not called the windy city for nothing! So the show was absolutely amazing! The competition was crazy and these people had the wildest imaginations and they were so creative and they made it look so good! Like perfect good! I was just in awe watching them! They were absolutely amazing! It was such a good experience and I was lucky to have had the chance!! It really made me think more widely about the beauty industry! I am excited to see what I can do!